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Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions

To apply for a School Direct place you need to use the new DfE Apply service. Applications will open on the 11th October 2022 for training in September 2023. We recommend that candidates apply as early as possible in the cycle.

You will be able to search for courses via the DfE find service from the 4th October.

If you wish to apply for a place with Alban Federation you need to select Sandringham School / Alban Federation from the drop down menu. Places will be listed under Sandringham school; however, once your application is received it is eligible for consideration by all schools in the federation.

Once applications have been checked to ensure statutory and provider requirements are met they will be forwarded to the relevant school(s) in the Federation. Individual schools will contact applicants directly where they are interested in proceeding with applications.  It is possible that you may be invited to more than one school for an initial visit.

Equal opportunities for all

Alban Federation aims to exclude discrimination on any basis from all aspects of its operation.

"It is hugely beneficial being part of the Alban Federation. During the training year, trainees get the opportunity to visit many of the schools in the partnership, and are able to meet many of the teachers who work in them. The school benefits from trainees coming back from these visits and sharing ideas with their faculties."

Helen Barton, St George’s Headteacher